Guadeloupe Islands Forest

40.00 20.00


This pack contains all the presets I use to edit my forest pictures. The colors are cold, a little dark, and desatured for some presets.

These presets are perfect for photos that were not shot with sunlight.

The pack includes 5 presets:

1. Guadeloupe Dark Green Forest
2. Guadeloupe Leaf
3. Guadeloupe Orange Forest
4. Guadeloupe Orange Green Forest
5. Guadeloupe Waterfall

Inside the pack you will find 5 templates files for Lightroom Desktop Only (Windows and macOS) , The presets are not compatible with Lightroom Mobile.

Please keep in mind that all images are shot using different lighting, so the presets will most likely have to be tweaked around to get the perfect look that will fit your image.


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